48 Hour Film Festival Boston



This past weekend Fat Foot Films endured the 48 Hour Film Festival.  It was one of the most amazing, grueling, and exciting thing’s we have ever done.  I truly believe that there was an angel looking over our shoulder from the very beginning of this adventure because we were given the genre of horror.  Without our amazing and talented crew we would have never finished this film on time.  We dropped off the final movie at 6:58pm on Sunday with 2 minutes to spare.   The best part was the crew filmed for 20 hours straight and not one crew or cast member complained once.  Our editor, Tom Ribeiro, even noted the takes at 2am still began with people laughing as if they were in good spirits.


Our short film “Devil’s Creed” will screen Monday May 12th at 9:30pm. Tickets can be purchased here.

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Fat Foot Films would like to give a special thanks to all the people that donated to our IndieGoGo campaign: Justin Casey, Patrick McNally, Kayla Convery, Kristen Cosgrove and Molly Scrivens

Extra Special Thanks to the Johnson Family



Lindsay Nolin

Eddie Troy

Michael M. Soldati

Luisa Maria Badaracco

Jackson Ruff

Angela Palladino

Ed Gutierrez

Leah Chioda

Daniel Black

Ryan Convery

Chris Gozdur

Brian Palmer



Executive Producer – Aaron Bouchard

Producer – Erik Johnson

Director – Daniel Black

Assistant Director – Ryan Vandalinda

Director of Photography – Ryan Convery

Assistant Camera – Richelle Topping

Audio – John Gage

Editor – Tom Ribeiro

Music – Cam Jones

Makeup – Billy Coyne III

Production Supervisor – Angela Palladino

G&E – Chris Gozdur

G&E – Brian Palmer

G&E – Ed Gutierrez

P.A. – Jackson Ruff

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