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Mourning Wood – Now Available on DVD

“…you will want to own this son of a bitch because I did nothing but laugh and enjoy this independent flick!” -Bastards of Horror

“Mourning Wood plays the ‘Indie Horror Card’ to the hilt to get away with much more than common decency should allow… that’s why I love it.” –Best Horror Movies.com

“I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a total douche-bottle, but this was as much fun as I’ve had watching a zombie flick since ‘Shaun of the Dead’. Yeah, that sounded kinda lame. F*#k it, it’s still true.” -Much of Madness More of Sin

“This Ridiculously Twisted Zombie Flick Is For Fans Of Perverted Toilet Humor Only!” –Horrorphilia

“One of the things I enjoy so much about these movies is the creativity of the people who make them and this one is no exception. It may not have all of the flash of a Hollywood movie, but that makes it better in a lot of ways…” –Death Head Grin

“MW was a fun romp through the zombie genre that flips some conventions on their heads and pokes them in the eye.” –Ryan’s Reviews

“Mourning Wood truly stands in a genre all its own.” -Whiskers on Kittens

“I had a fun time with this film… Mourning Wood will give horror fans a smile.” – Wicked Channel.com


Joy and the Apocalypse – Now Available on Amazon and DVD

“…completely unexpected take on the low-budget end-of-the-world movie. I have never seen a movie with this sort of twist at the end.” Ryan’s Reviews

“…a superb character piece, with particularly standout performances by Reza Breakstone and Vanessa Leigh. It’s a film well worth checking out…” -Rogue Cinema

“This film will surprise you! …and the ending was so amazing…9/10 -James DiPaolo Wicked Channel.com

“How is this micro-budget going to handle the destruction of the planet.” -Film Threat

“It’s worth it. Even if the world ends” -UNregular Radio – City Wide Black Out

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