Box Office Boyz – Double Feature!

Fuck It,  Let’s Watch Porn Part 3: Jenna Jameson Week!

The Boyz are joined by local deviants Shauna, Johnson, & Ed to peek some Jenna Jameson flicks! Everyone debates the merits of a million dollar porn film, Johnson names names, Shauna does not like it when the streams are crossed, & Ed likes plots. All this and more. Remember, this is NSFW, so unplug your headphones and play it loud.



Dreamquest  [2000] (We watched the trailer on the DVD for ‘Dreamquest’)

Satyr [1998] (We watched the trailer on the DVD for ‘Dangerous Tides‘)


Female Superhero Week!

Josh C (Magic Goggles) and Molly (that person who will walk up to your dog without saying hello or making eye contact with you), join Aaron & Ryan to talk female superherose. Molly flips some cars, Ryan discovers his new favorite book, Josh lements Supergirl’s one aditional power over Superman, and Aaron hates on DC. Also, there is a breif discussion of cousin lovin’, so you have that to look forward to.



Wonder Woman (2017)

Supergirl (1985)


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