Caricature Poster for “How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body”

Fat Foot Film’s is super excited to share these amazing caricature drawing made for our upcoming film “How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body”.


SYNOPSIS: Maxine and Shae have been best friends since grade school, so when Maxine accidentally kills her boyfriend she naturally asks Shae to help her cover up the murder. After multiple failed attempts the two decide to bring in a professional to clean up their mess, but he turns out to be nothing like they were expecting. Maxine and Shae will have to make it through the day by avoiding the police, fending off nosy neighbors, and surviving a wrathful mobster all while pushing their friendship to its maximum limits.

Starring: Meredith L. Phillips, Vanessa Leigh, Ezra Brown, Erik Johnson, Ed Gutierrez, Pat Tierney, Timothy Santana, with Jimmy Ford and introducing Josh Pineo as The Fixer

photo1Maxine played by Meredith L. Phillips

photo2Shae played by Vanessa Leigh

Artwork created by Dennis Burke below is his bio and contact info.

Dennis started drawing at age 2 right after he ruined the freshly papered living room walls with his moms lipstick (Dad was not pleased). From there its been non-stop. He started reading at age 11 when he picked up his first Spider-man comic. “Spidey literally taught me how to read, I kid you not. I would sit for 3 hours reading the comic, comic on one side and the dictionary on the other side to figure out the book.” He’s been drawing portraits, murals, background theater sets, comics, tattoos, and other illustrations for years. Professionally, Dennis has been a caricaturist for 5 years entertaining people with his live art and witty sarcasm. Having drawn everyone from Ms. Massachusetts to Tom Brady of the New England Patriots he’s worked in every environment possible. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Holiday Parties, Private Parties, Charitable Events, Comic Conventions, Private Commissions etc.. He genuinely enjoys making people smile with his drawings.

“I also know what it’s like walking hours upon hours around a convention hall and that feeling you get when you’re starting to get bored. My table/booth is a little bit different and hopefully something new. People get a chance to sit down, relax a bit, watch the costumes/cosplayers walk by, re-energize, and hopefully walk away with a nice memory/piece of custom art for themselves. I think probably one of the things I enjoy the most out of drawing live caricatures is talking to the people I’m drawing. Because, I could draw a good caricature an give it to the person and have them walk away please and that’s that. Or I can share a few laughs with them, talk about their likes, the costume they’re wearing, etc.. and they’ll remember that moment in addition to their caricature. And when someone asks them about the drawing they got… they’ll bring up that hysterical dude at convention who was drawing people live.”

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Instagram: designsbydennis

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