Casting Call – “GET IN”

Casting for our latest short comedy “GET IN” has begun!

Filming in August and welcome submissions from union and non union actors.  Please send your headshot, resume and a link to your reel to and include “FILM CASTING” in the subject line.

Submissions requested by Friday June 10th.

We are looking for people with strong comedic / improv abilities that can deliver nuanced facial performance. Diversity is encouraged.


Steve is an average single guy with one tepid leg in adulthood and the other squarely planted in the fantasy years of post-education teenagedom. He is devoutly loyal to his habits and his close circle of friends, a nice guy, funny and comforting, the ideal repellent for young women with similar existential footing, of which he so desperately wishes to attract.

  • Late 20’s – early  30’s.
  • Ability to work with a fight choreographer. 
  • Comfortable using (stage) cannabis on camera. 
  • Must be able to drive a pickup truck (possibly manual transmission).


Confident and mysterious, Tara is at once, Black Widow superhero, small-town cowgirl, and Oxford intellect, offering layer after layer of intrigue. She has both the complexity of finely aged wine and the crass bluntness of a roadhouse bartender. Where Steve is desperate for a partner to help him cross into the brave new world of adulthood, Tara is a lone wolf charting whatever path she desires.

  • Late 20’s – early  30’s.
  • Strong stunt-work ability and martial arts experience.
  • Ability to work with a fight choreographer.

Officer Percy

The good guy that never catches a break, Officer Percy joined the force because he wanted to help people, but quickly found out that is easier said than done. Fed up with the politics and red tape, Percy’s jaded attitude and sarcasm are on full display when he finds himself in the center of this chaotic adventure. He’s one part Idris Elba and two parts Rocket Racoon.

  • Early to mid 40’s.
  • Comfortable holding a stage handgun.


Where Steve is swirling in existential angst, Ryan is comfortable in his place in life, like super chill to the max about it. As long as he’s got his best bro by his side, his weed in his pocket, and a steady stream of parties and hookups to look forward to, he’s golden. Ryan is only ever heard through Steve’s phone, and never actually appears on screen.

  • Late 20’s – early  30’s.
  • Must be able to deliver comedic performance through vocals only. “

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