Dennis Dousche – The Lost Story

This scene was supposed to be in the Mourning Wood movie but it was just terrible and took up a lot of time to do, let me explain. The background for starters took us an entire day to make from cutting, pasting and painting. It was made up of an old sign from a liquor store, black construction paper for buildings, and reflective paper for windows (donated from a drug dealer… I think he used it to grow weed or something?) And then spray paint for clouds and sky. I decided to alter my appearance but rather than shaving my facial hair off I decided to cover it up by using morticians wax and then added makeup. The makeup was way to light so it washed out all the color in my face making me look rather pale and sickly. Then to top if off I slicked my hair down and for some odd reason I kind of looked like Adolf Hitler.  Now let’s talk about the script… I am not much for writing or using big words; weird I write movies and shorts but my English is not way good.  I liked how my buddy Ryan Clark wrote so I had him write some dialogue that would be interesting and intelligent. Well because I am not intelligent I could not for the life of me get out any of the lines written in this script. It was a god-awful mess! And now for your viewing pleasure I give you Dennis Dousche (its pronounced do-shay not douche) in the Lost Story.


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