Extras Needed – Saturday May 4th at Noon

Fat Foot Films needs extras at Green Hill Park in Worcester MA on Saturday May 4th at Noon.  All extras will need to be dressed as Mexican thugs with gold chains, white tank tops, bandanas, collared shirts top button buttoned, high white sox, sunglasses, etc. (you must come dressed up.)  All extras will be credited and this will be on IMDB.com.  If you are under the age of 18 I will need a parent present to sign a release form.  This is for an R rated comedy short film called The P.U.S.S.Y. Committee. We need the angry mob of Mexicans to run over a hill after the 3 main actors in the skit, the shoot will take no more than an hour.  Any questions please let me know, this is also an unpaid gig but I promise you it will be a blast!  For more information on The P.U.S.S.Y. Committee click here.


PLEASE NOTE:  We will be meeting at the Green Hill Parkway entrance off of Lincoln Street.  This is considered the back entrance of Green Hill Park once you enter there will be a little parking lot on your left.  You will see a bright yellow Scion XB you can’t miss it.  (See picture below)




FROM 190

If you see this car the production team is close by.  Any problems please email ryan@fatfootfilms.com

yellow scion xb


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