Fight Scene – Review

Fight Scene! Enter the Art of Posing!

7/10: A great short sequence that ends in a twist.

A man’s car breaks down on his way home from work and he finds that he has to walk back home. The road to salvation however is never easy and there are some definite obstacles in his way. How he deals with it is what makes the story.

Actor, writer and director Jim Ford is one creative dude who does some crazy things. It’s certain you wont be bored with what you see. In this particular short, you can see less is more with the acting and cinematography. An idea with a skilled cinematographer and actors goes a long way. I wont give away the ending but the short does build the audience up to the very last minute. This beautifully produced short is only a sign of good things to come from this team.

Review by Angie Quidim and Courtesy of That’s My Entertainment / The Testmarket Evolution

Release Date: August 3rd, 2012
Runtime: 5 minutes
Director: Jim Ford
Genre: Short, Action, Comedy
Stars: Jim Ford, Ed Gutierrez, Erik Johnson & Marc Guild                                                      Cinematography & Edited by Ryan Convery

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