Hellitosis and Justin Lawson Photography

Josh Tate the lead singer of the band Hellitosis came to me and said “If I write an original song for the calendar will you guys make a music video and put it in the Looks That Kill 2014 Calendar DVD?”  I thought, why not, this could add some spice to the bonus DVD.  One week later Josh came to me with “Before You Die” a fast paced heavy metal with a slice of punk rock song.  Next thing I know we set a date to shoot the video, got the calendar girls there covered in blood and then we made a kick ass horror music video.

Hellitosis is lead by Josh “Jota” Tate (lead vocals/guitar), Michael “Slaughtery” Slattery (bassist), Chris Hayes (Drums) also added to the song is their newest addition to the band, singer Christina Fiore. Each member of this band draws influences and oddities from different aspects of life. They are 4 very talented people coming from the depths of CT to give you an inner ear-gasm.  More information at https://www.facebook.com/hellitosis666

Come and check out the musical chaos of Hellitosis on Saturday, September 28th, 8pm at Charlee Bravos in Putnam, CT. Also on the bill is American Hellbilly, (New England’s premier White Zombie/Rob Zombie tribute band), Rope, Wolfbane Blues, and Lore.


Also joining in the adventure that day was Justin Lawson of http://www.justinlawsonphotography.com and http://www.creakyfloorstudios.com/ Justin came to the music video production guns blazing and doing what he does best shooting any thing that got in front of his camera.  He is always looking to work with new models and his Creaky Floor Studios is a nice change of pace for models that want to stay away from the same old boring photo shoot and might I add there some creepy photos of naked ladies too 😉 Below are some of the models from the upcoming Looks that Kill 2014 Calendar and some of his Creaky Floor Studios work.

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