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Mourning Wood interview with Ryan Convery

MOURNING WOOD is the story of 4 buddies trying to do what they love the most making short films until their town is taking over by weird sexually charged, HUMPING ZOMBIES. Now it’s up to an infomercial king, a used car salesman, 4 friends, an array of peculiar townsfolk to join forces and stop the invasion.We caught up with director/producer, Ryan Convery, to talk about Mourning Wood.Horror News Network: How did you come up with the concept for this movie?Ryan Convery: Well before we started this movie we had a cable access show called STD (Sutton’s top dogs).  It was a variety show displaying comedy and horror skits.  In one of the skits, Stiff Again, we introduced a whacked out character, infomercial king Dr. Jacob Pendelton (created and played by Ed Gutierrez).  This character became a huge part of Mourning Wood.  In the movie Dr. Jacob Pendelton’s newest product, ShamPube, turns the towns people of Slutton into “humping” zombies.  The humping zombies idea was an ongoing joke between a good friend of mine Kristin and myself.  I used to kiddingly attack here thrusting my pelvus in her direction.  She would just laugh it off and call me an ass but that’s truly were the big idea came from.

Horror News Network: Who are the main characters in this Mourning Wood?

Ryan Convery:  Brian, Rick, Derik & Marvin are four stoner buddies who are trying to film a short movie and are oblivious to the world around them.  Infomercial king Dr. Jacob Pendelton and a used car salesman named Texas Jim who is mourning over his long lost partner Texas John Wood.

Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about how this zombie virus is spread?

Ryan Convery:  A mysterious person has broken into Jacob Pendeltons lab and tainted his new product ShamPube.  During the infomercial shoot Pendelton has a woman try ShamPube and it ends up turning her into a humping zombie.  The humping zombies (kind of like a skunk) spray what we like to call, splewdge.  Which is how the virus spreads.

Horror News Network: How long did it take to create to this movie?

Ryan Convery: We started the script in April of 2006 and had a finalized movie on October 14, 2010.  We started preproduction the summer of 2006 we began collecting anything we could find from clothes to old computers.  We seriously build this movie from the ground up with no money, no experience, and no clue what we were getting ourselves into.  All the special effects in the movie were all home made, the sci-fi guns were created out of vacuums, water bottles, car stereos and old cell phones, the dummies were made out of rolls and rolls of duct tape, and 4 gallons of blood from kayo syrup and food coloring.  The crew and I all had full time average Joe jobs so we decided to dedicate every Sunday to this film, hangovers and all.  When we first started filming even though all of our special effects stuff was solid we forgot 2 minor details for a movie, acting and how to run the camera.  After a million takes and a few days of useless footage we kept moving no matter what got in our way.  We gradually all got better in front of the camera and behind.  The determination of the crew is what really kept this ball rolling and after 4 long years of production we can finally say we made it.

Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about the claymation that is used for the movie intro?

Ryan Convery:  The claymation was created by Sam Burdett.  This was one of the most time consuming parts to do for this movie other than the animated cartoon monster.  Sam created the entire thing by hand all the trees, hills and the backdrop of the sky and clouds.  He was working on this down in Georgia while we were filming in Mass. so we just sent each other storyboards and pics of production.  I only saw bits and pieces throughout his entire creation but I will say, when I saw the final product for the first time, I was absolutely blown away.  Sam is a creative clay master and I would love to work with him again on future projects.

Horror News Network: Would you consider doing a follow up to Mourning Wood?

Ryan Convery:  HELL YES!  At times it was extremely difficult working with friends and family but for the most part we all had a blast.  This was our first movie and instead of going to film school we just dove in headfirst and experience is king.

Horror News Network: Who are the actors involved in this production?

Ryan Convery:  Ed Gutierrez as Jacob Pendelton, Erik Johnson as Marvin/Texas Jim, Marc Guild as Derik Bronson, Zack Brown as Rick/Fluffy, Ryan Clark as Rick Monster, Nick Brown as Mr. Winters/Tom Gable and myself as Brian/Dennis Dousche.  These are also the people that were behind the camera, I knew this project was going to take a long time so I needed to make sure my actors were people I trusted to stay with it and they all did.

Horror News Network: Where can our readers find out more about Mourning Wood?

Ryan Convery: For more information please check out www.fatfootfilms.com where you can also purchase Mourning Wood on DVD.  We are also on facebook & youtube just search Fat Foot Films.

Horror News Network: In closing, what would you like to say about Mourning Wood?

Ryan Convery: Haha… so many jokes so little time.  On a serious note if you are looking for some good laughs and some really great low budget effects check out Mourning Wood it has what all great B movies have to offer boobs, blood, balls and bad language.  Thank you so much for the interview and drop us a line on fatfootfilms.com and please let us know what you think.

Mourning Wood horror movie

Horror News Network: Thanks for your time Ryan. 


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