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HorrorUnlimited.com did a post on their site about our short film “Pliers and Razors”, “UnPretty” and the “Looks That Kill Calendar presents Carnival of Horrors 2015”.  In return I am letting you know about this awesome website and their horror magazine called Diabolique Magazine. 

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Engage your heart, your mind, and your taste for the Macabre within the pages of Diabolique… the premiere horror magazine.

Diabolique is a lavishly illustrated, bimonthly print and digital magazine exploring every aspect of horror film, literature and art. The magazine brings fresh perspective to subjects old and new, foreign and domestic – from ancient folklore and Gothic classics to contemporary film releases and modern literary gems.


What industry pros are saying about Diabolique…

“Diabolique takes its horror seriously, and the content reflects it…A heady, well-written excursion into the horror world…One of the best produced horror film mags introduced in recent years…A top ‘Best Of’ contender.” – Monster Magazine World

“I love Diabolique. Elegant magazine…Beautiful.” – Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria

“Horror Happenings highly recommends Diabolique. A great horror magazine.” – Examiner.com

“Diabolique brings back the feeling of joy and awe you experienced when you cracked open your first horror magazine…Truly the cream of the crop!” – Fatally Yours Horror Reviews

“Quite insightful. An intriguing look into the history of horror while also keeping readers abreast of current events.” – Flamesrising.com

“Still a relatively new kid on the block, Diabolique is already cementing its reputation as a horror mag with class…I would urge anyone to pick up an issue of Diabolique and give their brain a workout.” – Cyberschizoid.com

“Thought provoking writing on venerable horror classics, side-by-side with pieces on lesser known works…Meaty, detailed pieces on horror writers old and new…Think of Diabolique as the Vogue of the horror genre. (Maybe even the Vogue Paris).” – Kyle Marffin, author, Gothique, Waiting for the 400 and Carmilla: The Return


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