Joy and the Apocalypse – First 15 minutes

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Benjamin (played by Reza Breakstone) is an architect in charge of building a church that will stand as a memorial after the coming apocalypse — which is coming at 7:15 pm on the day the film takes place, when an asteroid will strike the earth. He is engaged to Linda, whose father is financing the church. We learn that Benjamin has sacrificed everything that he believes in – everything that makes him unique – in order to win the approval of Linda and her father. An encounter with his free-spirited, pregnant ex-girlfriend Joy (Vanessa Leigh) puts things in a different perspective for Benjamin. She plants the idea in his head that he should spend his final day living exactly as he wants to. They spend the day together, leading Benjamin to a bit of self-discovery and leading to one adventure after another. The film then takes an unexpected turn, moving toward a twist that casts the previous events of the film in a different light. It soon turns out that nothing is as it has seemed.

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