Looks that Kill 2012 – A Behind the Scenes Documentary

The “Looks That Kill” calendar is an artistic approach that wraps the world of beauty in a blanket of macabre. At first glance, it may seem like a grotesque chapter, but with a deeper analysis, it is obvious that we have taken the beauty to the forefront, telling a story in each photographic layout. Our goal was to capture a modern pinup style, while showing our female models holding power in a horror world. The process of this masterpiece has been produced by a hardworking collaborative crew, including up and coming models from the New England area. Much heart and hard work is put into the process, ranging from the brainstorming of our original theme ideas, outfits and the direction of each pose and photograph as a complete whole, telling the story from our twisted minds for you’re viewing pleasure.

“Looks That Kill” calendar is a collaborative project brought to you by Pick Your Poison Makeup by Shauna LeMay and Fat Foot Films. The two companies came together in 2009 to produce the first “Looks That Kill” calendar in hopes to raise money for a film project, “Mourning Wood”, and to help promote the Fat Foot Films company. Over the next few years, Fat Foot Films and Pick Your Poison worked at finishing up “Mourning Wood” and completed a second film “Joy and the Apocalypse,” which went straight to television. For 2011, there was a bit of a lull, so Fat Foot Films and Pick Your Poison decided to rejoin forces and produce our second “Looks That Kill” calendar. After all the hard work and learning experiences from the 2009 version, we were able to create an amazing 2012 calendar, blowing our 2009 version out of the water.

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