Looks that Kill 2014 – Miss July

Recently Vanessa Leigh starred along side of Meredith L. Phillips in Fat Foot Films 3rd full length feature “How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body”, which is currently making it’s rounds at film festivals.

Vanessa Leigh has a passion for the dramatic arts that began at an early age thanks to her parents’ love of theatre and arts. Having grown up so close to New York’s amazing cultural heritage, early memories continue to inspire her career. Vanessa is a full time, working actor and artist. She studied Musical Theatre at Emerson College and Fine Art at NHIA.  As an actress, Vanessa has landed roles such as Daisy Mae in the stage productions of L’il Abner and Mrs. Walker in The Who’s Tommy. Despite these wonderful stage experiences, it wasn’t until acting in film that she really knew where she wanted to be. Vanessa is no stranger to the Fat Foot Films crew, having starred in Joy And The Apocalypse, where she portrays Joy, a pregnant mental patient who has been released because it’s the last day of Earth. Vanessa has also appeared in numerous national and regional commercials, as well as completed Pilots for television, including Zooquarium, Cranberry Hill and Boston’s Finest. The most recent film Vanessa stars in “Almost Human” was accepted into the Toronto Film Festival alongside films by Eli Roth and Lucky McKee and was recently picked up for distribution by IFC.


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Below is the 2014 Looks that Kill Calendar Behind the Scenes Documentary. Every month we will be posting a new girl for your enjoyment.

If you have any questions or would like to be apart of the 2015 calendar please contact: Shauna LeMay – Ed Gutierrez – Ryan Convery

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