“Mourning Wood” Official DVD Release

Fat Foot Films first full-length feature “MOURNING WOOD” will be released through Brain Damage Films on July 24th 2012. This brand new DVD has a boatload of special features including, the making of Mourning Wood, how to hump like a zombie and commentary with Ed Gutierrez, Marc Guild, Erik Johnson and Ryan Convery.

In the small town of Slutton, infomercial king Dr. Jacob Pendelton has created a new product called ShamPube, but unfortunately someone has tainted his new product, turning the town into sexually charged humping zombies.

Directed and Produced by: Ryan Convery

Starring: Ed Gutierrez, Erik Johnson, Marc Guild, Zack Brown, Ryan Convery, Ryan Clark, Nick Brown

Supporting Cast: Daniel Black, Shauna LeMay, Noah Guntharp, Jason Taylor, Mike Carra, Eryk Jones, Keith Anyon, Samantha Rossi, Katie Shepard

Composer/Original Music: Eryk Jones  Claymation by: Sam Burdett Animation by: Noah Guntharp

Official Website: www.mourningwoodmovie.com 

Festivals: Motor City Nightmares Detroit Horror Convention (2011), Rock and Shock (2011)


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