Movie Review – How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body

Movie Review – How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body

Review- How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body tells the story how life can change from insane to more insane within minutes of killing your ex-boyfriend. The film centers around two friends, Shae and Maxine. Maxine uses a vase that Shae made for her when they were kids and accidently kills her boyfriend. You would think that would be the issue of this film, how to live with the guilt or how can she get away with this act? Not really, this film centers on how hard it is for two people to dispose of a dead body. The best way to describe this film is Weekend at Bernie’s mixed with Very Bad Things. Anything that could go wrong does go wrong and some of these things I cannot imagine who could think of happening. The supporting cast is just as odd as the two leads. We get Roger who is Maxine’s neighbor; Roger seems like the kind of man who would hit on kids waiting for the ice cream truck. Roger is so into Maxine that he has an odd way of showing it while alone let’s say. Another odd character was The Fixer. When every method of getting rid of this body fails, they decide to call on the Mob to help out. The Fixer is definitely a character that when you watch this film you sure will not forget. The Fixer opens another door for our two girls and Shae’s boyfriend when he helps them and wants 10 thousand and they do not have the money, which the film really showcases how a bad situation that has gone to hell can always go further into hell with more situations to follow. Fat Foot Films have showed us in the past they could create a fun horror film with Mourning Wood. Joy and the Apocalypse showed that they could create a love story. They have blended both of those films and showed with this film that they are fucking brilliant and seem to have an energy and passion that really works well on screen. This film is so darkly funny that most of the jokes I found myself laughing at, made me feel bad about myself after laughing. This film should not be missed. On a side note, Dear Hollywood, when you talk about breakout indie stars and companies, how in the fuck can you leave these people out of the conversation? This film is what separates indie films from mainstream trash; this film has balls, heart and passion. This film just flat out fucking delivers. A cop on a bicycle can catch up to a vehicle? Who would have thought it……

9 out of 10

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Fat Foot Films presents a Dennis Nadeau Film.

How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body

TAGLINE: “The perfect crime …kind of …not really”

SYNOPSIS: Maxine and Shae have been best friends since grade school, so when Maxine accidentally kills her boyfriend she naturally asks Shae to help her cover up the murder. After multiple failed attempts the two decide to bring in a professional to clean up their mess, but he turns out to be nothing like they were expecting. Maxine and Shae will have to make it through the day by avoiding the police, fending off nosy neighbors, and surviving a wrathful mobster all while pushing their friendship to its maximum limits.

Meredith L. Phillips as Maxine
Vanessa Leigh as Shae
Ezra Brown as Jackson
Erik Johnson as Roger
Ed Gutierrez as Mikey
Pat Tierney as the Ex-Boyfriend
and introducing Josh Pineo as The Fixer








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