Never Meant To Be by Eye Witness – MUSIC VIDEO

Fat Foot Films newest music video for the song NEVER MEANT TO BE by the band EYE WITNESS.

The Worcester T&G did a write up about this music video and heres what they had to say:

Eye Witness delivers nightmarish ‘Never Meant To Be’

With the new music video for its song “Never Meant to Be,” Worcester indie-rock duo Eye Witness adds new layers to the song, which appeared on its 2016 album, “You Are Here.” On its surface a bitter, even heart-wrenching breakup song, the video transforms the song into a meditation on failure.

There’s always a risk in trying to make music video push in directions not explicit in the song, but Eye Witness — comprising the mononymous Milo and Rainy — pulls off the trick here by creating a nightmarish phantasmagoria that draws emotional parallels between a failed romance and artistic struggles.

Vocalist and guitarist Milo provides the video’s point of view, leaving Rainy and other friends at a campfire to go inside and falls asleep, waking to wander a decrepit house where he finds Rainy (who also writes and performs poetry) sitting at a typewriter and crumpling paper into balls out of frustration. Milo becomes a sort of spectral observer here and in other rooms, where he finds a musician playing to empty chairs, finally smashing his guitar in anger, and a painter manically smearing paint on her canvas with unnerving abandon.

The refrain rings, “It was never meant to be,” and against the visuals, it’s an unnerving message, one that resounds with the anguish of dreams dying. It’s really as depressing as it sounds, bone-rattlingly so, but somehow, the act of facing that sort of despair is cathartic, in its own strange way. Maybe it’s something in Milo’s anguished vocals or the frenetic escalation of Rainy’s drums, but the music video somehow manages to avoid utter hopelessness — Milo’s character awakes to find a key that he found in his dream still in his pocket. He returns to the campfire, knowing dreams — even if they don’t work out — are still real, and still matter.

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