New Short Thriller in Production

Fat Foot Films goes into production this Friday, April 5th in Hubbardston, MA. The cast is picked, the locations are set, and now we pray the production goes as smooth as possible.


PAUL E. KANDARIAN is Boston-area actor who began his career in theater in 2007, moving into film in 2011, and wishing he’d started as a child. He’s been in a wide range of movies, TV commercials, webseries and such, but is most proud of his work on stage with Creating Outreach About Addiction Support Together, a nonprofit  that presents original plays aimed at lifting the stigma from addiction by starting the conversation necessary for healing.
MORGAN BOSS-MALTAIS from Taunton, MA has enjoyed acting from a young age. She graduated From Bridgewater State University this past spring with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Performance, as well a minor in Musical Theatre. Since graduating college Morgan has worked as a stand in on Netflix’s The Society and most recently was in a commercial for CU Promise (a loan company).
ETHAN RODGERS is an up and coming aspiring actor from New Hampshire. Ethan is a history buff, nerd, and sci-fi fan. Ethan is an Army veteran, having deployed to Afghanistan from 2013 to 2014, serving as a military police officer. Acting has been a lifelong dream, with now being the time to chase it.
AMBER ROTHBERG has an incredible passion for storytelling, and is able to pull from her imagination and breathe life into her characters with ease. In addition to acting, Amber loves to write, visit animal shelters, make slime, sing and play her ukulele. As a beginning actress, Amber was excited to be chosen to portray the younger version of her favorite actress in a recent Greta Gerwig film. She is very excited about her role as “Heather” in the upcoming Fat Foot Films’ monster movie!


The script reading in Reading, MA on March 23, 2019. Top row left to right, Morgan Boss-Maltais, Aaron Bouchard, Dan Black, Ryan Convery, Ed Gutierrez, Jean Vozella, Tom Ribeiro. Bottom row left to right, Paul Kandarian, Amber Rothberg, Ethan Rodgers, and Luke Crory.

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