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PreOrder8Are you ready to be blown away by a calendar that gives you all the pleasure of watching a horror movie with sexy slaughtering ladies?  Then this killer deal is for you. Presented by Fat Foot Films and Pick Your Poison- Makeup and Hair by Shauna LeMay the Looks That Kill Calendar is a gore-tastic treat with a few tricks too! To stay up to date with everything happening in the macabre world of LTK please like us on facebook at

The Looks that Kill 2014 Calendar is now ready for your pre-order purchase for only $14.99! If you pre-order today you will receive FREE shipping and handling. As an added BONUS all calendars come with a behind the scenes making of DVD. *All pre-order’s will be shipped no later than November 1st.

This was the Bonus DVD for the 2012 Calendar, enjoy!


The “Looks that Kill Calendar” is an artistic approach that wraps the world of beauty in a blanket of macabre. At first glance, it may seem like a grotesque chapter, but with a deeper analysis, it is obvious that we have taken the beauty to the forefront, telling a story in each photographic layout. Our goal was to capture a modern pinup style, while showing our female models holding power in a horror world. The process of this masterpiece has been produced by a hardworking collaborative crew, including up and coming models from the New England area.  Much heart, blood and tears is put into the process, ranging from the brainstorming of our original theme ideas, outfits and the direction of each pose and photograph as a complete whole, telling the story from our twisted minds for your viewing pleasure.

The Looks that Kill 2014 calendar will be no different this time around, the overall theme will be 12 gorgeous goth girls walk into a bar… and no one gets out alive.


“Looks That Kill Calendar” is a collaborative project brought to you by Pick Your Poison Makeup & Hair by Shauna LeMay and Fat Foot Films production company, both based out of Lowell, MA.  The two companies came together in 2009 to produce the first “Looks That Kill Calendar” in hopes to raise money for the movie “Mourning Wood”, and to help promote the Fat Foot Films company.  For spring of 2011, Fat Foot Films and Pick Your Poison decided to rejoin forces and produce the second “Looks That Kill Calendar 2012”. The 2012 calendar came with a little added bonus, a behind the scenes “making of” DVD.  The 2012 LTK calendar was a great success and was very well received.

Since 2004, Shauna LeMay has been a stylist in every sense of the word. Shauna moved to Boston and started work in a full service salon in Belmont, MA as a stylist and colorist in 2007 and she has since started her own business PYP, also known as Pick Your Poison Makeup and Hair. Over the course of her career, Shauna has worked on two full length films, multiple short films, two Looks That Kill calendars and worked with a variety of photographers, providing her hair and makeup services for models and actors.  Shauna LeMay is not only a professional hair and makeup artist she is also a photographer and producer for the “Looks that Kill Calendar 2014”.  Shauna LeMay has made a reputation for herself in the horror world of New England, being branded by photographers and models as the “Gore Girl”.

Fat Foot Films started in 2007 with a group of friends who loved making short films, that love eventually growing into something much bigger.  In the past 3 years they have produced two full-length features, “Joy and the Apocalypse”-a straight to TV drama/love story, and “Mourning Wood”-a whacked out zombie stoner comedy. “Mourning Wood” was picked up by Maxim International and has received worldwide distribution.  Fat Foot Films recently finished making 3 new short films that will be entering the film festival circuit in 2014: “Unpretty” a horror short, “The Crooked Man” a thriller short, and “The Committee” a comedy short. Fat Foot Films 2012’s short action film, “Fight Scene”, has made it into over 15 film festival and has won awards for best thriller at the 2013 Mexico International Film Festival, winner of the 2012 Moondance International Film Festival, and Remi Winner for the 45th Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival 2013.  Currently Fat Foot Films is working on their 3rd full length comedy feature film, “How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body”.

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