Rock and Shock 2012

Fat Foot Films will be back at this years Rock and Shock on October 12-14 2012 at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA.  We are celebrating the official DVD release of Mourning Wood distributed by Brain Damage Films and to give back to our wonderful fans when you buy a copy of Mourning Wood on DVD you are entered to win an iPad 2. Contest ends October 31st 2012 so do not wait! To enter for your chance to win CLICK HERE.

Here is a short list of celebrity guests that will be attending the Rock and Shock.

We also have another fantastic announcement; Mourning Wood is now available to rent on Charter on Demand for the low price of $4.99 until December 1st.  Wow, I feel like we are going places!

I also woke up this morning to an incredible email and I just had to share it.

First off: WOW!

I just finished watching Mourning Wood and am quite damn satisfied with myself for buying it!

Short history lesson:  I’m a comic geek.  I dutifully get my copy of Previews and make out my order.  A couple months back or so they offered you fine picture.  After reading the quick synopsis I pretty said Horror comedy with horny zombies, what’s not to like?
And of course in a few days I promptly forgot what I ordered.  So, yesterday as I made my weekly trek to the comic shop, Mourning Wood had arrived.  Oh yeah, I ordered that.  Tonight it went into the dvd player.

The moment of zen.  I had no idea to expect with this picture, yet it was nothing like I expected!

To say the least I laughed my ass off and maybe ruptured my spleen in the offing!  God knows (and please pick the deity of your choosing) my friends have never understood my love of crazy B movies.  The more independent and budget constrained they are the better I like them!  It all comes down to how its carried off.  I’ve seen plenty where it seems the people making it don’t seem to care about their product.  And I’ve seen plenty where the budget was half a shoestring but the people involved pulled it off by sheer inventiveness and the love of their project.  And I certainly think you fall into the latter category.

I can tell you more than once I’ve made friends watch whatever crazy film I’ve come across and they look at me like I’m a stark raving mad baboon on crutches with a glass eye and a pocketfull of rabid weasels!  They just do not get that a film can be good (dare I say entertaining) without the deep pockets of corporate Hollywood and some “recognizable box_office drawing star”.  Well, big fuck you to them!  And yes, I will make them watch Mourning Wood.  And by all the gods they will laugh and thank me for it.  And if they don’t at least there will be beer and pizza to sooth them.  Maybe a bong hit or two, whatever it takes to make them wish Oscar worthy praise upon Mourning Wood.

Why am I jabbering like an idiot so much?  Well, the beers I swilled down watching your film is probably part of the reason, kind of drunk emailing instead of drunk dialing.  But hey, the impact of this silly little ditty of humpers and cat/human hybrids, oh yeah, and that slick claymation have made my night!

So, hey, thank you for this movie.  I am glad I decided to purchase on a whim, it was geek instinct which has never let me down.
I’ll be looking forward to the upcoming projects you have listed on the fat foot site.  Again, thanks for entertaining me.

Best regards to future projects.

A new fan,


It’s people like this that makes all the headaches of no budget film making so worth it and Dave we thank you for the email it truly means a lot to us!

And one more thing for your viewing pleasure Miss September from the Looks that Kill Calendar 2012… ENJOY!


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