Rue Morgue Magazine & Mourning Wood Claymation Title Sequence

In this month’s issue of Rue Morgue Magazine, Last Chance Lance reviews 3 horror films with the word WOOD in the title.  In the section titled Last Rites – Overlooked, Forgotten and Dismissed – This Issue: Lance Knocks On Wood.

Erectile Dysfunction – Mourning Wood

Though it starts off with an amazing title sequence that features some impressive claymation zombie splatter, this flaccid offering goes limp once it switches over to live action to follow a group of guys who discover that their town is being overrun by zombies. What sets these zombies apart from the brain munching variety that we all know and love is that these deadites stumble around humping anything that moves – or stands still. And though they appear to be pretty docile, if you get any of their splooge on you – well, you become a stiffy with a stiffy too. It’s one of those movies that’s so stupid you’ll want to keep watching it to see how much worse it can get, FYI: A lot!


LAMEST DEATH: Killed by a can of fart spray.

(Courtesy of Rue Morgue Magazine Issue 128)

Ever since the first review Mourning Wood received one thing the critics could never dismiss is how good the opening claymation title sequence is.  In our 4 year adventure of making this movie one the most amazing things that came out of it was seeing the claymation done for the first time. I literally said “Holy shit this looks better than the movie!” And everyone agreed Samuel Burdett did an amazing job with this claymation.  He dedicated his time to a film he believed in and he’s passion for his art of clay shows.  Below are a few behind the scenes pictures.

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