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Fight Scene (2012)



Description (from fatfootfilms.com/fight-scene):
Professional stuntman Jim Ford (Knight and Day, The Surrogates, The Bounty Hunter) helms this perilous martial arts style short film about a man whose car breaks down in a bad part of town.  When he decides to walk home, he encounters some ebullient street thugs who get in his way.

Major Cast:
Jimmy Ford as Man, Ed Gutierrez as Thug #1, Erik Johnson as Thug #2, Marc Guild as Thug #3

Special Features:
None (Online Screener)

Written and Directed by Jim Ford

I received a request from Ryan Convery of Fat Foot Films to review the new short he’s produced, FIGHT SCENE, directed by stunt man Jim Ford.  When I saw “short,” I mean SHORT.  Like, under five minutes.  But that’s cool, because what FS does is takes a little idea that you think you understand and flips it on its head, which is always fun.  This is a movie with a twist, and I’m not going to spoil it for you.  You’ll just have to wait to see it when you can.

The Thugs of FIGHT SCENE. Thugs. We swear.
Just be scared.

FS was a step up, quality-wise, from the previous Fat Foot Films releases I’ve reviewed (here).  Shot in HD, the image quality is top-notch, and feels nearly big budget.  The audio is also quite crisp and nicely produced.  The acting is pretty decent; Ford himself is a bit cheesy, which is not necessarily bad depending on your opinion.  I personally thought the “joke” of the film would have been better served with a bit less cheese from Ford, but it’s not so bad to detract (much).  FFF regular Ed Gutierrez returns as Thug #1, and I have always enjoyed his performances.  This one is no exception.  Though short and limited, Gutierrez does a great job as a menacing thug (though he doesn’t really LOOK the part).  His supporting thugs (also FFF regulars) do a decent job too; truthfully with the length of this film it’s hard to get too much of a read on the acting.  It wasn’t bad; they looked like I wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark park tunnel, and in 4 ½ minutes I don’t think you can expect too much more.

Kung fu!

Overall, this was a nice, fun short that does exactly what you don’t expect it to do.  In less than five minutes there’s not really any chance to build characters or create a lot of plot, but what is there is solid, and the film itself is a nice little joke.  Seeing this makes me really excited to see the next more substantial FFF release, because FS is gorgeously produced.  Very good things do come in small packages.

Overall 7 / 10

FIGHT SCENE on the IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2361239/

FIGHT SCENE is not for sale.

FIGHT SCENE site: https://fatfootfilms.com/

Fight Scene (2012)

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