Second Class Cinema – COMING SOON!


Second Class Cinema is coming to Fat Foot Films!

Second Class Cinema is a reaction-based podcast where Tom, Brittany and Erik watch a B-movie and then immediately discuss.

Bio: Tom, Brittany, and Erik, all combine their knowledge (sometimes with the help of a guest) of low-budget cinema into one show of insight, idiocy, and intense review.

Movie suggestions?  Please contact Tom and friends at


10945692_339325056257746_4245712372006008425_nFrom left to right: Brittany, Tom and Erik.

A Full Sail graduate, Tom works as production manager, cinematographer, and editor full-time for a Massachusetts Industrial video company that makes upward of 500 videos a year. Tom has a very developed sense of what makes for a good story that will appeal to the broadest audience. He is also a podcast-host for two shows, THE STUDIO CELLAR and SECOND CLASS CINEMA, both about art, music, and movies. Tom is a fan of the show Lost and does not care what you think about the ending

Tom Ribeiro was the director for the 2015 Boston 48 Hour Film Project entitled “Best Man?”.  We will be posting that video soon with a behind the scenes documentary on how we made the short.  We would like to thank all the people who donated to our indiegogo campaign for making this an even bigger success!



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