Short Film and Trailers Added to this Saturday’s Show!

This weekend our film “How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body” will be playing on Saturday at the Capitol Theater in Arlington, MA at 6:30pm. BUY TICKETS HERE!  And all tickets purchased online will enter you into a raffle to win a ton of Fat Foot Films goodies.


To start off the show we will be showing our 48 Hour Film Festival short film “Best Man?” and then showing 3 trailers for local films made by local filmmakers.


First trailer is “DJ Stan Da Man”. The film focuses on Stan, who at one point in his career was a real rock star DJ selling out all the clubs and venues but that time is over and now he finds himself battling bridezillas, drunken guests and crazy situations, surrounded by his over the top and weird misfit crew. He tries to survive with his huge ego and substance problem in check. All the while there’s a new DJ, Carlos Funn on the quick come up taking all of Stan’s gigs.

Written & Directed by Mathew Fisher

Starring: Chace Carson, Frankie Imbergamo, Peter Morse, Alexander Hauck, Tyler Clayton Appel, Eddie Nason with Jon Pierce and Heidi Rhodes.


2nd trailer is “The Stoop”.  Amos Dibble is a man of simple contentment. He is slightly O.C.D. and a
definite introvert, but there is something deeper waiting to be revealed. He has a few friends, but he enjoys his quite time on his front steps, commonly called a Stoop. One day his world is turned upside down!  A strange woman named Nina is sitting on his stoop. Who is she? What does she want? Will he be able to tell her off? Or is love and a chance meeting in the future? Follow the highs and lows of this
dramatic comedy as Amos navigates his life, his steps, and the surprises that ensue!

Directed by Jason H. York

Starring: Brian Moore-Ward, Ayshia Stephenson, Kaitlyn Kiley, Jason H. York and Kurt Lusas.


3rd trailer is “Lazarus Rising”. Low-level mob enforcer Michael Fitpatrick’s life was simple – nights with the beautiful Emma and days a blend of violence and bailing his heroin addicted genius brother Sean out of trouble. When Emma turns up on the hit list all that changes and the three (Michael, Emma and Sean) find themselves on the run from the mob, lead by mid level dispatcher Dallen McCormick and relentless Mr. Gray who has been called in to clean up the mess. As the group evades death, Michael presses for the reasons behind Emma’s inclusion on the deadly list, Sean presses for Michael to ditch her and get clear and Emma presses to keep her secrets and get a fresh start. With an election nearing and Senatorial hopeful James Connelly unexpectedly getting involved, all paths converge and an explosion of wills and violence is imminent in Lazarus Rising.

Directed by John Depew

Starring:  Mike Pfaff, Devon Ogden, Adoni Maropis, Eric Roberts, C.Thomas Howell, Lenny Clarke, Cedrick Stewart, Sal Rendino and Sean Carmichael.



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