Sixth Circle of Fat Foot

The Sixth Circle of Fat Foot is a look into who Fat Foot Films is and our current projects. Chris Gozdur came to me and asked, “Could I do my college final on your production company?” Of course being the arrogant prick that I am I said, “A documentary all about me? Fuck Yea!” I couldn’t say no. Chris wanted to do some b-roll during our next shoot and at that time I had nothing planned. I knew I wanted to do some green screen tests and try out our new air cannon that Johnson and Marc just finished constructing, but as for a script to film I had nothing.

Back in early December 2011, Johnson, Marc and I wanted to test out some animated gun blasts, so armed with fake guns, bad wigs, and one horrible mustache, we set out to our old favorite spot the abandoned mills in West Dudley, MA. Johnson and I began by just running around like idiots and shooting at one another. That didn’t last too long due to the fact that we are both overweight so gravity likes to keep us grounded. After 5 minutes my fat feet where killing me and I was burping up bacon from breakfast. The smell would unfortunately stick to the giant mustache on my upper lip so breathing got harder to do. As I was running for the final shot the mustache came off my face and Johnson started to scream “HE LOST HIS MUSTACHE!” And from that point on the Mustache Brigade was born.

February 2012 Chris came down and filmed us while we did another test run on a green screen wrapped around a car and an air cannon for fake explosions. I brought bagels, coffee and water to keep everyone happy and motivated. As a special treat I also brought a 30 of Miller Lite for a little after shoot celebration. Well when the crew found out there was beer… lets just say there was plenty of coffee left over. We started our day around 11am Dan Black, Marc Guild and Jason Taylor set up the green screens and lights, while I put mustaches and wigs on Ed Gutierrez and Johnson. Now going into this shoot I had no script written out because I really just wanted to see if this green screen was even going to work so like the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” we began throwing out scenarios to Johnson and Ed to act out. A simple scenario, Ed is driving and dropped his gun under his seat while Johnson is in his lap trying to get it out, all while the cops are chasing them. Johnson being the creative guy he is, was yelling at Ed in an Irish accent calling him a “Stupid Fuck” but with the accent it sounded like “Stupid Fook” everyone on the set was crying laughing and we couldn’t keep our composure at all during Johnson’s Irish rants. All and all we shot for most of the day and as in tradition we had a great day of filming and there will be more to come.

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