TBT Presents: The Inhaled

The Halloween spirit is in the air for this week’s Throwback Thursday feature called The Inhaled.  This was the first short film for us where we recreated the entire films audio in post.  It was fun and grueling at points but what a difference good audio can make even to the most poorly shot films.  We did a number of simple no budget effects for this film.  We used first person perspective to not show the monster, reversed shots for smoke going into someones mouth, fast paced shaking for a transformation scene, pulled an actor on a skateboard to make him look like he was floating, blood spray for arm amputation and a hammer to a cantaloupe for smashing open a skull and eating the brains.  Funniest moment for us was when this short aired at Rock and Shocks film festival and the couple sitting next to us was literally covering there eyes and cringing at the sound of someone getting eaten.  As a filmmaker getting people to react to your film is the most amazing feeling!

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