Test Drive – Short Film

After a long road out on the film festival circuit. TEST DRIVE is finally available for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY!


IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5436828/



Ryan, Ed and Johnson take you on a behind the scenes look at Test Drive and show you how we literally flipped a car.  Stuntman and Actor Jim Ford and John Mason created one of the greatest car stunts and in this video we show you how we did it.

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Today we would like to tell you about our newest short film “Test Drive” which is currently touring the film festival circuit and is up for an award for best short comedy.

A few years ago we produced a short film for our hollywood stuntman friend Jim Ford called Fight Scene. While Fight Scene was showing at a festival John Mason another hollywood stunt man told Jim “I want to flip a car for your next short film!” Jim called me up and told me we need to look for a location to flip a car and I said do we have a script? He said funny you ask Rob Lathan an actor from Inside Amy Schumer wants to write us a script. I was like WOW! I have no idea who that is but lets do this!!! Now we just need to find a location.

After many headaches and tears and over a year later we finally found someone to let us flip a car on their property. Jim and I bought a car, found a toe company to deliver and remove the car. BOOM! We are finally ready to set the date and shoot.

The shoot day is here and we set up 5 cameras and 3 go pros we have plenty of coverage. John Mason the stunt driver begins prepping the car. Paul Marini the stunt coordinator arrives and set ups the ramp. We are ready to go John does a few laps around the ramp and on the 3rd pass he gives the thumbs up and here we go. He comes flying in hits the ramp does 2 flips and lands exactly how he said it would. After the stunt was over the crew was cheering for joy. It was one of the most epic shorts we have ever created and we can’t wait to do this again!

Directed By Jim Ford

Shot & Cut by Ryan Convery

Produced by Erik Johnson, Ed Gutierrez, Ryan Convery & Jim Ford

Stunts by John Mason

Stunt Coordinator Paul Marini

Starring Jim Ford & John Mason


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