The Committee

SYNOPSIS: The United States had just slipped out of the umbilical fluid of nationhood. While great men made history by drafting the constitution, those who were purposely left out, decided to make their own, unique contribution to our great nation and in steps in… The Proper Usage of Selective Slang for the Youth Committee!

“THE COMMITEE Explains the origin of some our nation’s oldest sexual slang words..Turns out a group of statesmen got together and had a meeting on the topic..And what a meeting it was!

The camerawork, intricate use of lighting, props setting and top notch comedic acting put into this short was breath taking. Where most filmmakers would have gone the cheapie route Fat Foot really went the whole mile on this one, making sure everything was perfect for this little film. It features some of the funniest, creative dialog and the wackiest payoff I’ve seen in a short film in many years and i could easily see this short being expanded into a workable feature length film.

I give it no middle fingers up, if you’re looking for a well shot, genuinely funny film and only have a short time to do so you can’t do much better then THE COMMITTEE.”

– Review Courtesy of Drew Mead at B is for Best Movie Reviews and More


Written & Directed by Erik “Johnson” Johnson

Starring: Marc Guild as New York, Ryan Convery as Massachusetts, Johnson as Virginia, with Ed Gutierrez

Makeup & Photography by Shauna LeMay

Camera Operators, Lights & Sound by: Dan Black, Brian Palmer, & Chris Gozdur

Photoshop by Ryan Convery

Special Thanks to Molly Johnson, The Johnson Family, The Perri Family, and Zack Brown.

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