Throwback Thursday Presents “Drift Wood”

Every Thursday we will be showcasing a short video from our past. This week’s short is “Drift Wood” it was created back in 2004 directed and edited by Erik Johnson and Ryan Convery.  We had no script, just some costumes and some idiot’s willing to run around while shooting plastic guns and speaking broken spanish.

We shot at Johnson’s Godmother’s house in Grafton, MA, she had this interesting location way back behind her house that kinda looked like the old west and to get to this area you had to cross over some train tracks and walk a good distance.  So we got into our cowboy outfits and began the long hike to the location.  Along the way we noticed a very low helicopter flying above us, thinking nothing of it, we kept on moving.  As soon as we hit the railroad tracks an undercover police officer pops up and tells us all to stop and drop our bags.  Taken by complete surprise we did what he said.  He looks us up and down with this weird look on his face, like “Why the hell are these 20 something year olds dressed like the village people?”  With that strange look on his face he radios in some fellow officers.

The officer then looks at Johnson and says “You go to my church don’t you?” They both then realized they knew each other, so things got less awkward.  Finally the officer asks us “Why we are dressed up like a bunch of idiots?” we then explain that we are filming a movie, showed him all the props we had in the bag, camera, etc.  To make a long story short the cops apparently found a field of marijuana back there and they thought we were the guys tending to the crops.  The backup officers showed up they all made fun of us and let us go on our merry way.

I’m just happy we didn’t go out and shoot the day before because if we stumbled upon the field of weed then we probably wouldn’t have made this awesomely bad short film.





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