Mourning Wood – Review by James DePaolo

Mourning Wood Review

Posted: 5th March 2011 by JamesD in Metal Reviews
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Before there was Joy and the Apocalypse, there was Mourning Wood. This is Ryan Convery and crew’s first film. This film is about the town of Slutton. They have a catastrophe, a horny zombie outbreak. Or as they call them ” humpers”. You may ask, how could this have happened. Well let me tell you, there is a mad scientist who is also a hocker on infomercials. One of his creations, is get this..Sham-pube. Not exactly sure why in the hell people would buy something called Sham-pube, but somehow or another everyone is getting infected left and right. Leave it to 4 slackers, who are also indie film makers to want to stop this.

I will start off by saying, Ryan Convery is not right. Also, in the same breath, the man has good comic timing. The film is more comedy than horror. But, if you seen last year’s The Taint and most of the Troma library and had a good time with them, you will like this as well. The infomercials are funny. They have one spray for farting and one for sex. The film at times does seem too much of the same old, same old though. The last 15 minutes to me was the weakest part of the film. Which, I still liked it. But, when you have seen one of these kind of films, you basically have seen all these films. The humpers were a cute touch. And there are some scenes with the zombies that were just laugh out loud funny. But, there are others that sort of lacked direction and the attempt to be funny lasted longer than it should have.

Now, before people think I am totally telling you, that I did not like this movie. Let me tell you..This film had some major plus’s. The blooper reel at the end was amazing. So much so, I actually watched the film a second time, and some things worked better now, that I knew and had a visual of how they achieved the scene. But, the making of- little documentary was the keeper. It is under 20 minutes but it is a must for anyone wanting to get involved in film making, and also needs advice about making a film like this.

As a whole, I had a fun time with this little film. I wish it was a lot more original. But, for the budget and the heart of the was fun. Mourning Wood will give horror fans a smile and also entertain them for the most part.

7 out of 10

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